Ray and Heather Kurut had taken their first class at The Cradle back in fall 2011, and even back then, they had absolutely no clue as to where their adoption journey would take them. They especially didn’t know that they would end up taking home a pair of twin girls who were only seven weeks old.

The couple always knew that they wanted to have children, yet they always struggled with issues related to fertility. As a result, they decided to look to adoption, which they knew was always a viable option to consider. In fact, there are some members of Heather’s family who are adopted, and even some of the couple’s colleagues and friends have also adopted through The Cradle as well.

Once they completed both the home study process and their respective profiles, the only thing left to do was wait. In fact, their profile was shown to a total of nine different birth mothers and families. One of the due dates fell on Heather’s birthday, while another was on Ray’s. During the wait, the couple felt as if there were signs that their special day would come soon.

Then, that day came – February 17, 2014 to be exact. Presidents’ Day, when Heather was already off work from her job as a middle school principal. They had received word that a birth mother had requested to view the couple’s profile, and that her twin baby girls had already been born.

Three hours after looking at the profile, a match was determined. The following Friday, the couple came to The Cradle to meet their new daughters, who had been receiving care in the facility’s nursery ever since January 11th. Heather maintains that she doesn’t think she’s ever smiled as big in her entire life as she did that day.

During the week before they officially met their new daughters, tragedy struck the couple, as Ray’s stepfather passed away. Furthermore, there were questions regarding whether or not the father of the twin girls would actually sign away his parental rights. February 28th was the scheduled placement day, and eventually, the couple were allowed to take their new girls, names Anastasia and Ashley, home with them.

Recently, the girls celebrated their second birthday. Heather and Ray also continues to maintain a semi-open relationship with their birth mother, occasionally exchanging pictures and emails every month with her. Ever since the girls were placed with the couple, however, they have not met with their birth mother in person.