*”Our Son’s Birth Mother Was Four Months Pregnant When We First Met Her.”

One wonderful adoption story involves a couple who adopted both of the sons that they currently have as a part of their family. In terms of their older son, they initially met his birth mother when she was approximately four months pregnant with him, which allowed them to have a decent amount of time to develop a great friendship with her. From there, she made the decision that she wanted the couple at the hospital with her when she gave birth. Surprisingly, there was no one else giving birth to a baby at that time, and the couple was actually able to hear the baby cry for the first time when they were sitting in the waiting room. The woman’s mother then came to get the couple, as she had insisted that the couple be the first ones to hold the new baby boy.

*”We Spent Over One Year Viewing Profiles, As Well As Meeting Many Children In The Foster Care System.”

This is another amazing adoption story that involves a woman and her husband, who had spent a period of over one year looking at different adoption profiles, as well as meeting all sorts of children who had been in the foster care system – which is something that they personally found to be heartbreaking. After looking at multiple pictures, their adoption worker sent them a paragraph about two boys. The couple said that even though there was no picture, they knew that they had found the children that they wanted to adopt. After arranging their first visit and going to the door, they saw the oldest boy, who had just turned two years old, open his eyes wide and get a big smile on his face, almost as if he knew that his parents had just arrived. The youngest child, who was a little over a year old at the time, was playing on the floor. Right then and there at that moment five years ago, the couple knew that they had found the perfect additions to their family.

*”We Love All Of Her Awesomeness Even After Seven Years.”

This story involves a couple who started their adoption journey in the most unlikely of places – at the back of a public library. The journey ended exactly two years and four days later in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, which is where the transition home of who would become their daughter was located. In that home, their then-eight-month-old daughter was placed in their arms for the first time, and neither the parents or the child cried. Instead, the couple says that she looked at them almost as if to ask what took them so long to get there!