*”Our Little Miracle.”

This adoption story involves a couple whose adopted child was actually born to their oldest living daughter. The child, however, was born one month premature at the time, as well as deaf and blind. On top of that, the baby also had the exact same medical conditions that their oldest daughter had when she sadly passed away as an infant herself. In the end, the baby remained with them, and on her fifth birthday, their adoption of what the couple calls their little miracle became final.

*”We Prayed For A Baby For Seven Years, And He Finally Arrived.”

This heartwarming story involves a couple who had already been foster parents for approximately one month before getting a phone call stating that there was a two-day-old boy who was in need of a home. Furthermore, the placement would more than likely become a permanent one. Only a few short hours later, the caseworker arrived and brought the baby boy up the couple’s stairs – except the wife was so scared and overwhelmed that she says she nearly forgot to let the caseworker inside the home to begin with! She also notes that she and her husband had prayed for a baby for the past seven years, and now they finally had one to care for.

*”Is He Really Mine?”

This story begins with a couple waiting in a hospital waiting room while their son’s birth mother was in labor. Once the child was born, a friend of the birth mother rushed out of the delivery room to find the husband so that he could be the one to cut the umbilical cord. The wife, meanwhile, simply stared at the new baby with tears in her eyes, only being able to silently ask the birth mother if the baby was really going to be hers and her husband’s. She further said that in that moment, she had never felt so much love and joy in her entire life.