When Meghan was only 16 years old, she discovered that she was pregnant, and naturally, she was afraid. Furthermore, she also felt as if she didn’t have many choices to take advantage of to help remedy the situation. Since she was adamantly opposed to the idea of abortion, as well as not feeling too much support from her family, Meghan felt that she could only either live on her own with her baby or place the child up for adoption. Since she was young and had no way to really support herself, Meghan decided on adoption.

This led her to begin looking at various adoption agencies, and she began with one in which she never felt fully informed regarding either open adoption or the actual adoption process itself. Since she didn’t have much success in finding a family there, Meghan turned to The Cradle for more options. There, she learned that through open adoption, she would be able to still watch her daughter grow, as well as decide how the relationship with her itself would progress as the years went on. Meghan felt that this was the best choice that applied to her.

She began to look through the profiles of families waiting to adopt and came across Kim and Doug. The three of them arranged a meeting with one another and discussed various topics, such as what Meghan would want out of the relationship, what the couple would want, whether Meghan would want to be the one to name the baby, and more. It was also discovered that Kim and Doug lived near Indianapolis, which Meghan was comfortable with because of the distance since she would still be able to visit her daughter occasionally; however, not too close. Meghan felt that the couple truly cared and she knew that they were the right ones for her daughter. They also agreed that Meghan should be the one to name the baby, and the name chosen was MacKenzie. It was also decided that MacKenzie would call Meghan “madre,” which is Italian for mother.

After the conclusion of the meeting, Kim and Doug frequently visited Chicago and also called Meghan occasionally. After Meghan eventually went into labor, the couple were the first ones to arrive at the hospital. After MacKenzie’s birth, Meghan began to feel unsure about her initial decision; however, she still followed through with it.

The three continue to keep in contact, and today, Meghan has two sons of her own, as well as helping her husband raise his two children from a previous relationship, and has even graduated high school. She also had MacKenzie’s birthstone in her class ring. She also has plans to attend her college graduation, where she will obtain her bachelor’s degree.

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