International Adoption and Home Studies


International Adoption

Hope 4 Kids offers inter-country home studies in our Washington office. If you live in the state of Washington and need an international adoption home study we are the agency for you.

Our home studies are at a competitive low rate and we will diligently work with you referring agency to complete the home study in a timely manner.

Hope 4 Kids is working on our Hague Accreditation to provide placement opportunities with children from other countries, in particular South Africa. Check back for more details as our International Program in Washington grows.


Home Studies

A home study is a state requirement for any person who wants to adopt.  Hope 4 Kids prides ourselves in our ability to professionally and expediently complete home studies faster than most agencies. We don’t want to hold up your process in getting on your way to adopting!

Home Studies involve getting fingerprinted, a physical with a TB test, first aid and CPR, and some additional paperwork that a qualified social worker will assist you with. You will be provided with training and support throughout your journey.

Our costs are very reasonable and we have very professional staff to assist you with this process.

The adoption home study can include the following pieces of information:

Autobiography/Family Background – These questions are typically about your family, past and present; how you feel about discipline, your fondest childhood memory, or your greatest fears.
Neighborhood/Community/Schools – Be prepared to describe your environment. What is your school system like? Which schools will your child/ren attend? Do you have a relationship with your neighbors? What resources does your community offer to help you parent a special needs child?
Physical Health – You will need a physical or health exam and a Tuberculosis (TB) test . The social worker will also be interested in hearing how you have any health issues under control. Be prepared to explain how these health issues will or will not effect your ability to care for a child. There shouldn’t be an issues with you adopting unless you have a serious health problem that effects your life expectancy.
Financial Statements – You must be able to show that you can care for an additional person(s) with your current income. Be prepared to verify your income with paycheck stubs, W-4, or income tax forms 1040 or 1040 EZ. You may also need to show information on your savings, insurance coverage, investments and debts. There will also be a worksheet to complete that covers your bills, such as mortgage or rent payments, car payments, and charge accounts.
Criminal Clearances – California requires by law criminal record and child abuse record checks. Misdemeanors from long ago along with a good explanation of your behavior are usually not held against you. Felony convictions of any charge involving children or illegal substances will most likely not be allowed.
References – You will need the names, addresses, and phone numbers of three or four references.  Your references will complete  reference form. Choose people who have known you for several years and know your family. They should be familiar with you and have seen you in a variety of situations, with children, your spouse, etc. References will not keep you from adopting unless workers receive several negative comments, or a reference has brought up a questionable criminal record.
Interviews – Interviews are a time for the workers to go over your paperwork, learn more about you, clarify anything in your autobiography and see that your home is a safe and healthy place for a child. You do NOT have to be a clean freak! The worker will tour your home and will want to see the bedroom that you have planned for the child. sense of humor is always a good thing to have, especially when parenting.
If You Already Have Children – Workers will want to know about your children’s interests, hobbies, and grades. Your children will be involved in interviews, and may meet with the social worker individually.
An adoption home study can be a nerve wracking thing, but if you go in prepared and knowing what to expect you will get through it just fine.  Enjoy your adoption journey.

Please call us at 949-496-9430, ext. 0 if you are interested in our International Program.

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