Foster Adoption

The Need

It’s hard to imagine that there are thousands of children from babies to teens who have been abandoned and neglected in our own communities. Many of these children don’t have food, shelter, or clothing; and most do not have a family to call their own – no one to call Mom and Dad.


If you can offer a home that provides love, guidance, support, and hope, you will change a child’s life forever! Single and working families are welcome.

Services Included

  • Monthly compensation of $896 to $1,072 per child per month, with all medical and dental insurance covered.
  • Therapy and counseling: Including assessments, regular social worker visits, support groups, and 24 hour availability.
  • Parental training courses: focused on developing the unique skills required to care for abused and neglected children.
  • Respite and child care services.

Additional Foster Adoption Information

We can tell you from personal experience that there’s nothing quite as rewarding as providing the security of a loving permanent home to a child that has never had one. Many of these children have not had the privilege of knowing where they will be from week to week, or knowing whom they will call Mom and Dad. By opening your heart and home you will change a child’s life forever!

Hope 4 Kids has been helping families to adopt since 1995; in fact, about half of our original foster families have ended up adopting their foster children. We believe this large ratio of adoptions is primarily due to the quality of our families, and the wonderful relationships we’ve been able to develop within our community and the local churches.

In light of our success with finding and equipping foster families willing and able to adopt their foster kids, we decided to apply to become a State Licensed Adoption Agency in 2000. Thanks to your support and prayers, we are happy to announce that as of 2001 we became the first State Licensed Agency in the South Orange County area able to facilitate the Foster Adoption program.

What is Foster Adoption? (Concurrent Planning)

Foster Adoption* is a state-funded program that allows children that have lost, or been separated, from their biological families to be adopted. This program is great for families desiring to provide a stable, loving home to a child, but are not currently in a financial position to incur the costs of independent adoptions. Obviously finances should not be the primary consideration in becoming a foster or adoptive parent; however, the significant costs associated with domestic or international adoptions can make it impossible for many good families to adopt. Many have heard of Foster Adoption, but few understand the incredible benefits this program offers:

  1. Perhaps the biggest advantage is the ability to adopt a child without all the up-front costs. Domestic adoptions can range from $15,000 to $60,000, whereas Foster Adoption is basically FREE!**
  2. While the child is in your care you are compensated at the Foster Parent rate at $896 to $1,072 per child, per month, with all medical and dental benefits covered.
  3. Here’s the amazing part! Thanks to AAP (Aid for Adoptive Parents) In most cases, if the adoption is finalized you still continue to receive some monthly compensation with medical and dental benefits until the child is 18 years old.

Kids need a permanent home, and this program will greatly enhance their chances at getting one. As with all adoptions, it is important to keep in mind that Foster Adoption does not always result in an adoption due to unforeseen circumstances. Foster Adoption is one of adoptions best kept secrets, so please spread the word!

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*Foster Adoption is primarily for those willing to adopt children other than new-born.
** There are some minor costs involved in Foster Adoption – usually under $500, most of which is reimbursable.


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