There was once a time when a beautiful child was born who had dark hair. He also had been diagnosed with Down Syndrome, and because of this, he was quickly placed up for adoption on a Saturday. Until that following Tuesday, we never knew he even existed, and by the time Thursday came around, we were all placed together as a family. During those days, the baby absolutely thrived. His nurses adored him and even gave him a name. Many people worked on his behalf to find him a home.

There are times where I absolutely marvel at how we came to be a part of this child’s life. There are so many miracles that led us to our family being chosen to have him with us.

There are so many times where I feel adoption is talked about simply because the adoptive parents are viewed as being saints that swoop in and rescue children, essentially saving them from fates that are otherwise not so great. In some cases, this is something that’s absolutely true; however, there are other instances where adoptive parents feel the complete opposite. Many of these children have allowed us to be the cones to come into their lives. Whenever individuals hear our story, they often say that we’re special people to have chosen something like this. In response, we say that we were simply lucky enough to have been chosen. I’m always grateful for this child because his kindness, courage, and persistence has really changed me for the better. I am so honored to be a part of that and would absolutely choose this child all over again if given the opportunity to do so.

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