Attorney Adoption Services

Hope 4 Kids would like to introduce you to our Home Study Services Program for Attorneys. Hope 4 Kids has been a California Licensed full service agency for over twenty years. We have successfully completed hundreds of approved home studies for families through our Home Study Services Program. We are happy to help attorneys with any range of services to swiftly and professionally move your clients/families through the home study and/or post placement process.


Hope 4 Kids’ Home Study Services Program for Attorneys includes the following:

    • Will Work Weekends
    • Initial phone call within 24 hours
    • 1st visit within 2 weeks
    • Completion of an approved Home Study within 3 months
    • Ability to work with other agencies or attorneys to complete an adoption
    • Quality and care in preparing the home study
    • Guidance from experienced staff
    • Exceptional Rates
    • Education on the adoption process and Parenting techniques
    • Can provide ICPC and Post Placement Services when needed

Hope 4 Kids’ Home Study Services Program for Attorneys allows prospective parents who are working with a private attorney to feel confident that California’s licensing requirements on home studies have been met and exceeded.  Each situation is treated in a professional manner and is provided with the highest level of services.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or if you would like further information.

Hope 4 Kids can begin working on your clients’ Home Studies today. For more information, please call our adoption coordinator at 949-496-9430, ext. 5, or click here for additional contact options.