Adoption Internet Resources – Internet Adoption Resources, [NAIC pick, 2000]
[Canadian reader pick, 2001] Large list of adoption web sites, email lists, photo listings, support groups, agencies. How- to -adopt information. Search feature. Created by Julie Valentine, single  adoptive mother of two.

Adoption How-to’s and articles for adoptive  parents, adoptees and birth parents. Launched by in Jan. 2001. Over 300 features  and 800 pages. Search feature. By Dottie Enrico, 41-year old Korean adoptee and the mother of a two year-old adopted Korean daughter. [Canadian reader pick, 2001] Articles, chat rooms and  links to all aspects of adoption, including facts for each country, and adoption reunion. Internet Adoption Network, Birthmothers can register. [Canadian reader pick, 2001] Support for adoptive families, by National Adoption Center. Online chat; message board; family preparation course. Encyclopedia of articles and links. Rita Laws sends out a free email newsletter, This Week @AdoptNet Chat,about the chat room at AdoptNet.

Child of My [Best site, Forbes, 2000] Primer for new adopters. Simple, step-by-step advice on how to adopt. Infertility information. Message boards, chat rooms, articles.

Dave Thomas Foundation, Advocates for waiting children in the public welfare system. “Beginners Guide to Adoption”; Adoption Resource Guide. Companies offering adoption benefits.

Fertile Thoughts – Adoption, [Canadian reader pick, 2001] Adoption chat room. FAQs. Bulletin board. Listing of agencies, clinics, doctors.

National Adoption Information [Best site, Forbes, 2000, and Forbes Favorite] [NAIC pick, 2000] [Canadian reader pick, 2001]Top site for all adoption information. Congress established NAIC in 1986 to disseminate adoption information. Fact sheets. Searchable database of 3,500 adoption articles. Directory of 5,700 public and private adoption agencies, support groups and government officials. Adoption laws, by state. Events. Photolisting sites, by state: see Photolistings – Directories . [Washington DC]

National Council for Adoption, [Washington DC] Adoption and child welfare organization, Patrick Purtill, President. Legislative updates.

North American Council on Adoptable Children, [NAIC pick, 2000] Founded in 1975 in the belief that every child deserves a permanent family. Parent support groups and subsidy information. Newsletter Adoptalk. Annual conference. [St. Paul MN]

Older C hild Adoption Online Magazine, [Best site, Forbes, 2000] How Susan Ward raised her adopted daughter Hannah. Challenges of adopting an older child. Handling a child with Post-Traumatic Disorder. Links to other families’ adoption stories.

Raising Adopted Children, Author Lois Melina covers international, transracial and open adoption; tips for raising adopted children. Article search feature.

RosieAdoption Information, Based on Rosie O’Donnell’s “How To Adopt” TV program, Mar. 21, 2000. See “Quick Links – Adoptions”. Steps to take. Home study. Experts on the show.

IRS – Adoption Tax Credit, Tax credit up to $5,000 for adoption expenses.

Adoption Laws, State adoption statutes. By the NAIC, with the American Bar Assn.

Adoption Policy Resource Center, [Best site, Forbes, 2000] Information on adoption laws, subsidies, advocacy, research and legal help. Policy Research and Analysis Archive has articles on the adoption process, law and policymaking. Links to legal and policy decisions.

Center for Adoption Support and Education, Seminars and counseling to help adoptive parents. SAFE at School course: helps teachers teach children about adoption; creates adoption-sensitive schools. Marilyn Schoettle and Debbie Riley.

Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute, [Best site, Forbes, 2000] [NAIC pick, 2000] Adoption research, policy, analysis. Searchable database of about 1,000 adoption research abstracts, based on a literature search for articles, master’s theses, Ph.D.dissertations, conference proceedings, books, reports and unpublished manuscripts. Bibliographies. Statistics. News.

Post Adoption Center for Education and Research, Oakland CA support group. Workshops, seminars. Online newsletter. Book list. Web site list.

Adoption Today Magazine, Magazine (was Chosen Child) on international and domestic adoption.

Richard Fischer. [Loveland CO] Adoptive Families Magazine, or or [NAIC pick, 2000] Largest U.S. adoption magazine, for everyone touched by adoption. Annual Guide to Adoption. Susan Caughman, Editor and Publisher. [New York], Adoption greeting cards; personalized candy bar wrappers; shirts; hats. Northwest Airlines,

Northwest Discount fares for adoption travel.

Raising Adopted Children, Author Lois Melina’s books and newsletter.